Everyone loves using some fancy acronyms to make themselves feel smart, but sometimes it can be a bit difficult to remember what they all mean!

In marketing there are so many acronyms it can be easy to feel a little lost so we've created a handy glossary of marketing acronyms you can use to figure out what on earth people are talking about!


Search Engine Optimisation is a process used to improve rankings of a particular page in the organic search result of search engines like Google or Bing.


Short for Search Engine Results Pages(s). The search results a search engine generates after a search is conducted.


The organic section of search results is any area which is not controlled by the search engines ad platform.

On Google the organic section typically occupies the 10 positions in between the ad spaces at the to and bottom of the page.


Search Engine Marketing typically refers to the practice of placing ads withing the relevant section of search engine results pages.

This is typically chosen over SEO because it delivers immediate visibility and complete control over the keyword searches being targeted.

NOTE: Some people will also use SEM to refer to any kind of activity relating to search engines, encompassing both SEO and search engine ads.


ROI stands for Return On Investment and is simply a way of measuring if the amount of money earned from a particular activity, is worth the amount spend.

ROI is a term which is commonly used to understand, for every dollar spend, how many dollars will come back in as revenue / profit.


A call-to-action is where you provide an instructino to do something.

For example "call now" or "sale on today only" are common CTA's. In a digital context a very common CTA is "signup now" or "download this free checklist".


White-Hat typically refers to using ethical and/or sustainable SEO tehcniques to improve rankings.

This generally means following Google's SEO guidelines and not engaging in unethical SEO techniques (known as black-hat).