Our Gold Coast SEO service will help you beat your competition, enjoy a constant stream of leads and sales using best practice techniques we've developed over the last 15 years.

  • Are you looking for SEO services you can trust?
  • Do you want to dominate your competition on search engines?
  • Would you like a stream of organic traffic driving people to your website each day?
  • Are you looking for an SEO Agency with a proven track record of results?

Other agencies talk about SEO, but we are actually doing SEO every day for our awesome clients and we love seeing their faces when they see their website rankings improve, and hearing about how they business is growing as a result!

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We'll help you achieve great search engine rankings so you can make more sales and grow your business.

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Become known as a leader in your industry as you achieve search engine positions that your competitors can't match.

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Don't waste time with SEO providers who only talk about their results. Our portfolio is full of clients with number 1 rankings which deliver a constant flow of customers for their business.

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Everyone wants to talk about being a Search Engine Specialist, being certified proves it. We are Google Certified Partners which means we have the expertise which others don't. It's one of the reasons we get results others can't get!

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Ian Brown from Cellar Mats

"These guys are the real deal when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. They are totally transparent when it comes to what they do, when they'll do it, and the results they achieve. I'm not a tech savvy person but they don't try to bamboozle me with jargon. They break it all down into simple terms and they really get what it means to own a business running a business themselves!" - Ian Brown (Cellar Mats Founder)

How do I know if I need SEO?

If you're wondering if your website is getting maximum visibility in search engines, then the easiest way is to get an SEO audit for your site.

The audit will tell you if your website has any deficiencies which are having a negative impact on your site's search engine rankings.

How powerful is SEO?

Everyone knows that being on the first page for your target keyword is an important asset for a business, but just how valuable is it?

It can sometimes be difficult to understand just how valuable being ranked 1st might be for your business, when trying to justify the cost of an SEO campaign, so let's break it down a little bit.

Take a look at the chart below which shows that over 90% of all traffic occurs on the first page of search results (the SERP). 

Pretty amazing right?

Search Engine Traffic by Page

But let's take it one step further though and think about how valuable the #1 position for your business might be.

The chart below shows the distribution of traffic broken down the rank, and that between 30% - 35% of all traffic goes to the #1 ranked website. That's a huge slice of the pie!

Search Engine Traffic by Rank

So let's pretend that you'r a plumber, and we know that the keyword plumber gold coast has around 1000 searches per month.

And let's assume that the average value of each one of those searches is about $500 based on the average invoice a plumber is likely to generate.

This means that whoever is sitting in the #1 position will have direct access to at least $150,000 worth of work each month! That's $1,800,000 every year, from a single search term!

Here's the formula I used to calculate that 1000 x $500 x 30% = $150,000

Now you can start to see the extreme value in ensuring that their website achieves the number 1 position for their industry keywords.

What about SEM?

Search Engine Marketing, often referred to pay-per-click marketing is a way of achieving a top position on Google via their Adwords platform. 

It is absolutely a valid method of achieving exposure for your business on Google, however there are some considerations with this method you should know about.

Adwords enables you to bid on keywords and only pay when someone clicks on the ad (hence the name pay-per-click). This is great because it enables you to get exposure at the top of search results almost immediately.


The downside is that you have to pay every time you want a result, which can add up over time. In addition only about 30% of people will click on ads, with the remaining 70% passing by and clicking on the organic results instead.

This means you're only getting access to a much smaller pie compared to those at the top of the organic section.

SEO by comparison takes longer to get going, but the ultimate results a far more massive than what's available using Adwords. When you're at the top of the organic results, not only are you getting exposed to 70% of all traffic on the first page, the traffic all comes for free!

So the rewards are much greater.

SEO Gold Coast Case Studies

SEO Case Study 1: My Gift Registry

A micro-startup company (2 staff) had their eyes set on disrupting the industry surrounding gift registries for events like weddings.

Sustainable, white-hat SEO was the key to rapidly improving their rankings, and today they hold the #1 ranking for searches like online gift registry which attracts over 90,000 searches per month. They even outrank big players like Myer and David Jones!

My Gift Registry SEO


SEO Case Study 2: Apex Carpet Cleaning

Apex Carpet Cleaning is one of our oldest clients who came to use during the very earliest days of their business wanting a website which would actually help them attract new business, not just look pretty.

They have a range of service areas, however the key areas they wanted to target in search engines were Byron Bay, Murwillumbah, Ocean Shores, Pottsville, and Tweed Heads.

We designed the website structure and page content in order to support strong rankings improvements well into the future...

Fast forward to today and they have maintained dominant rankings for their primary keyword searches for years, ensuring that they have a constant stream of new customers to grow their business.

Take a look at some of the keywords which drive buying customers to their website day after day.

Byron Bay SEO


Murwillumbah SEO

Tweed Heads SEO

Ocean Shores


Seeing this, it's no surprise that SEO is their primary method of attracting new business, year after year! 

From The Founder

Dear rankings-hungry website owner,

You've no doubt had emails from every different kind of SEO "expert" telling you that they can magically get you a guaranteed #1 ranking overnight.

How do I know? Because we get them too!

Yes these so-called expert SEOs are just simple spammers hoping to feed on people's ignorance and insecurities.

Thank goodness you've found us because you no doubt did a Google search using one of several keywords which we rank for relating to SEO.

Our portfolio of SEO success stories hasn't been achieved by sending out spam emails to every email address we can find. It's been earned over 15 years of hard work, sustainable (white hat) SEO work and a commitment to always delivering the best results for our clients.

We don't hand over your work to an intern or an offshore SEO company to maximise our profits because we don't want to risk the quality of our work and we don't believe in just being a middle man.

All our projects are completed in-house at our Gold Coast studio so that your can have confidence in exactly who is doing your work.

Also let's be completely upfront. Our services aren't for everyone.

If you're looking for dirt-cheap SEO for $100 per month, then you're probably in the wrong place.

Great quality SEO, the kind that gets real results for your business takes hard work, and we're only interested in doing work that you will truly proud of well into the future.

If you understand the value of good quality work, if you want to grow your business and get the best in the industry working for you, then contact us.

How Gold Coast SEO Works

If you arrived on this page via a search engine like Google then you've just witness the power of Search Engine Optimisation!

We spend time influencing the signals which search engines use to rank websites, to increase our own rankings and attract new business. So if it works for us, then it'll work for you too.

It's not just Google either. Most other SEO professionals will focus purely on Google, but Bing and Yahoo also represent major traffic opportunities as well.

We figure that if you're paying for the work you should get the maximum results. That's why our reports include the results for Yahoo and Bing too. Not only that but we'll also show you how you're ranking on Google's mobile search results compared to regular desktop search results. That's something you won't get from most other SEOs.

How an SEO project starts

At the beginning of every project we start off with a discovery session to gain a thorough understanding of you and your business goals. We want to know how your business works, how to maximise the benefit of SEO in your business, and what will give you the best value for money.

We then go and do tonnes of research to understand how competitive your market is, who else is trying to rank for those same keywords, and begin to formulate a plan on delivering the results you want.

Your own website is the focus next to make sure that it's setup correctly and everything is in good shape to support a quality SEO campaign that will get awesome results. 

What does the SEO campaign involve?

This is the part which most SEOs won't tell you about, most likely because they're not doing white-hat SEO which is a really scary prospect.

Each month of your SEO campaign involves a variety of tasks designed to improve your search engine rankings...

  • Optimising content on your website
  • Research and identify search engine opportunities which can be targeted with website content
  • Creating high quality content for your website/blog (this includes our proven Skyscraper Blogging method)
  • Research and identify backlink targetsCreating new content to distribute on 3rd party websites
  • Conduct outreach and secure backlinks to build a high quality link portfolio

Why choose SEO?

SEO is one of the few marketing channels which delivers results long after the campaign stops. If you're doing Adwords or Facebook ads, then once the ad budget runs out, the ads stop running and you stop getting leads.

With SEO you'll enjoy a fruits of your investment well into the future with a daily influx of qualified website traffic, leads customers, sales and of course a more profitable business!

With increased exposure on search engines you'll also begin to notice other areas of your business improve too. You'll get more invitations to be involved in PR and media activities because journalists tend to just look on the first page when looking for people to interview. You'll also notice that your brand credibility improves as the perception is that being on page 1 is the place for big, well established brands and you'll be treated with the same respect.

Avoiding Fake SEO

While you're here, it's important to be aware of a well-known scourge of the inbox.

The SEO spammer.

We've all received these emails, saying something like...

"Hello _____, we noticed that your website doesn't rank well for keywords relating to you industry. We can guarantee a #1 ranking for just $100 per month"

Or something to that effect.

How do I know they're all spam?

Because we get those emails too, and we're Google Certified SEO experts!

What happens if you give these people money to do your optimise your rankings?

Most likely they'll take your money and do absolutely nothing.

Worst case scenario, they'll attempt to do some work and they'll end up making your rankings go down!

Every month we talk to people who have sadly taken the bait and done 6 months of cheap SEO only to see no results. 

The problem is that in order to correct and improve your SEO from there, we need to actually undo the mess that's been made by the previous people. 

So cheap SEO ends up becoming expensive SEO because you're paying twice.

So how do you spot a fake?

Here are 6 instant giveaways...

  1. If they are writing to you from a free email like gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc
  2. If they write their email in a way that they can easily interchange your name, your website name
  3. If they refer to your rankings being poor, without giving any specific examples
  4. If they provide a guarantee on rankings or revenue
  5. If they have obviously bad spelling/grammar
  6. If they cost less then $500/month

Side note: As I was writing this, I received this email with a perfect example!

SEO Spam Email

Those are the 4 easiest ways to spot a fake SEO company and keep your money where it belongs. In your pocket!

Have you got an SEO issue that you need some advice on? Contact us and we can take a look for you!