Video marketing is one of the most powerful, yet under utilised tools a business can take advantage of.


Because videos have the ability to both improve your organic exposure in search engines like Google, and simultaneously improve the conversion rate of people who visit your website.

Combined with how affordable it is to produce, it is a truly excellent way to get a major advantage over your competition.

What do web videos look like?

Here are some examples of web videos we've produced for our clients, and it's not hard to see why they do a great job at increasing conversions from website visitors.

This video was created for Australia's #1 online gift registry as a way to explain to new visitors how their service works. Currently their website is ranked number #1 for several high traffic search terms, resulting in over 90,000 visitors per month, and a tonne of signup conversions.

This video was created for a video production company on the Gold Coast which offers wedding videos for couples getting married. The video was placed on their home page in order to showcase their work, capture leads and assist customer conversions.

Why does video increase Google Rankings?

Let's start off with another amazing stat.

"Video accounts for 74% of all online traffic in 2017".

In simple terms this basically means that people enjoy watching video, more than they enjoy doing just anything else online!

Think about how you like to consume content. Would you prefer to read a 10,000 word essay? Or would you rather watch a 10 minute video?

The video wins every time of course because it's such an easy way to consume content.

So now that we know WHY video is so popular, why does it help search engine rankings? 

Well consider the fact that the worlds second largest search engine is Youtube, and the company which owns Youtube is Google! 

Starting to make sense now?

So Google's mission is to help solve people's problems in the best way possible and they want to create a great user experience. 

They also know that people like watching video content more than any other kind of content, and they own Youtube, the most popular online video network.

So with all this in mind they naturally give pages a boost which contain great quality video content, because this will help them achieve their goals.

How much does video help Google Rankings?

The potential to increase search engine visibility is nothing to sneeze at.

In fact a study revealeda study revealed that video on a landing page makes it 53x more likely to appear on the 1st page of Google!

I know people who would do just about anything to get a 1st page ranking on Google, so this represents a huge potential win.

Why does video increase conversion rates?

There are many reasons why video makes people more likely to convert.

Video is perceived as being difficult to produce, therefore a business with a high quality video gains more brand trust than their competition.

Videos are more enjoyable to watch which makes it easier to get users to perform actions we want (conversions).

Videos are better at communicating complex information in an easy to understand manner, thus making it easier to educate prospects and move them closer towards a sale.

Why don't more businesses use web video

It's a fair question. With all these amazing statistics about how powerful web video is, why aren't more people using it?

It's simple?

Because they think it's too hard!

While just about everyone has the capability to capture high quality video from their mobile phones, the reality is that you can still end up creating a high definition video which nobody wants to watch.

The key is creating engaging content which is also high qualit, and that's a skill which not everyone possesses.

That's why if you're considering using video content throughout your website to increase traffic and sales, it's a smart idea to enlist the help of creative professionals who can help you create video content which people will really respond to (shameless plug: that's us!).

In order to make this easier we've designed our video packages to be affordable enough to be within reach of most businesses so they can utilise video content throughout their entire business and create a massive improvement in search engine visibility and conversions.

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